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    There is a minimum order amount of $1000, and prices do not include shipping and taxes. Shipping and taxes are calculated automatically, when you check out.


    1.    Once you choose your community, browse our store and select your items from our home page or product category pages, and add to cart.


    2.    After selecting all of your desired items, click check out in the top corner of your screen.


    3. At the checkout page, you can increase your quantities. Make sure your order amount adds up to $1000 and check out.

    4. At this stage you'll see the shipping rate for your order. There is a $500 flat rate fee for the first 3000 kgs of product purchased, for packaging and crating for sealift, and a 15% fee for anything that goes above 3000 kgs. With that, there is a $1.20 per kg fee that is calculated based on the product weights. For example, a 3500 kg order's shipping calculation would be (($500+(500*0.15)+(3500*1.20))= $4775. 

    5.    Add in your contact information and shipping details.


    6.    At the payment page, enter your credit card details or follow the instructions on paying with EMT.


    7.    Finish your order and an email will be sent to you confirming your order.


    8.    Once this is completed, a sea-waybill will be issued on your behalf from our carrier and your products will be delivered to docks for loading.


    9.    Once the products land in your community, you will be contacted by an Agent for pick up. (Igloolik customers, the order will be delivered to your door)


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a Arctic Fresh representative through our Contact page


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